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The high school application process, which includes open houses and high school fairs, typically runs from September to December. Applications are usually due in December.

Please visit the Admissions page of the DOE website in order to get an accurate timeline of the process. 

City Poly is an Education Option (ED. OPT.) school: This method of admissions creates a school of diverse academic performance. Approximately half of our students are selected randomly, and the other half are selected based on a ranking system created by the Department of Education. Families submit an application with up to twelve schools and rank their interest for each school. Once applications are received, school staff evaluate students for admission based on our selection criteria which include performance in-state assessment performance in math, school grades, and attendance. School staff then rank applicants based on that evaluation. Please note that not all ranked applications get seats.

Students from all five boroughs of New York City are eligible to apply to City Poly, however, the majority of our students reside in the borough of Brooklyn. We accept freshman and sophomore applicants through the Admissions process. In the 2019-2020 Academic Year, we had approximately 3000 freshman applicants for 120 seats.

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