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The Office of College, Career & Future Planning helps students pursue their future pathways with passion & purpose. 

We support each step: from self-discovery and skill development to finding, applying to, and succeeding in post-secondary pathways including, but not limited to, 4-year college, 2-year college, our 2-Year A.A.S. 13th-14th Program, Coding Bootcamps, Trade/apprenticeship & Workforce/Leadership Development programs. We provide individualized and group advising from 9th-14th graders and their families to provide accurate and exciting information and resources.

We partner with college admissions and financial aid counselors and work-place experts to demystify this typically inequitable process. We especially value and center the needs of Black, Latino/x, and Indigenous students, first generation, undocumented, have IEP’s, and/or LGB and Trans/Gender Non-Conforming students and families and all those who have been historically and intentionally excluded from post-secondary education.

What We Believe:

  • We believe that the future planning process at City Poly begins in 9th grade and continues through college and career.
  • We believe we can ease the burden of difficult processes by clarifying information and providing assertive, youth-centered support.
  • We believe in building bridges between the City Poly community and college, financial aid workplace experts to benefit our young people.
  • We believe in partnering with parents, guardians, families, and all supportive adults.
  • We believe that every family deserves accurate and honest financial literacy education about student debt, return on investment, and the true costs of college.
  • We believe that early college & career exposure helps students and that all who successfully complete early college credit should be able to transfer those credits, saving on time, money, and advancing learning.

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