Goal-Oriented Learning Development (GOLD)

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City Poly is committed to student success in every way. We love the work we do and are prepared to help guide our students to their fullest potential.

Research shows that a large part of academic and social success at school is dependent on how much individual and small group support students receive.

We have embedded small group support through an in-house program that we call GOLD (Goal-Oriented Learning Development). GOLD is small group attention, support, acceleration, tutoring, work catch up, etc. GOLD is mandatory for all invited students. GOLD is time spent with your teachers working on assessments, learning targets, homework, and anything else related to student success.

All students at City Poly at some point will go to GOLD during the school year. There are typically About 3-5 students in a GOLD session. It occurs daily, right after the last period of the day. Clubs and sports begin right after GOLD. 11th hour GOLD is held the last week of the marking period and held by guidance counselors and teachers to make sure that all are on track to succeed in classes before marking period benchmarks.

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