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Poly PRIDE are our core values and are the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. Poly PRIDE underlies our work, our interactions with one another as a community. Poly PRIDE represents our rights and responsibilities to our community.

Rights Responsibilities
We have the right to be a part of a PROFESSIONAL, high-quality learning environment. We have the right to receive support from students, teachers and staff to reach our fullest potential. We have the responsibility to be PROFESSIONAL and to help create a high-quality learning environment; supporting each other in our learning. We behave in ways that enable others to achieve their goals.
We have the right to RESILIENT staff who never give up on us by living the mission and vision of our school. We use RESILIENCE to push through difficult times, creating and seeing opportunities. We have the responsibility to be RESILIENT in our efforts to succeed and see others successful. We don’t give up, there is always one more thing to improve, learning is never done.
We have the right to be INVOLVED having a voice and making contributions to the school community. We will contribute to decisions leading to positive school changes. We expect to support each other in self-advocacy and speaking out against injustice. We have the responsibility to be INVOLVED as leaders in our community. We are not just a part of finding problems, but finding solutions. We have the responsibility of participating in opportunities to make our voices heard.
We have the right to DISCOVER OURSELVES. We always expect to be treated fairly, with courtesy and respect. We expect to have our uniqueness honored. We will be reflective on our own strengths and weaknesses. We have a responsibility to allow others to DISCOVER THEMSELVES. We will express ourselves positively and respectfully at all times. We will honor the uniqueness of others and celebrate our differences.
We have the right to feel safe and secure, both physically and emotionally. By showing EMPATHY to each other, we can make everyone feel safe and secure. We expect to always be treated and spoken to as intelligent beings. We have the responsibility to use EMPATHY to resolve conflicts peacefully. We will always treat and speak to others in a way that shows we know they are empathetic beings.

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