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Associates in Civil Engineering Technology & Construction Management

The program prepares students for positions as engineering technicians in a broad range of public works projects including structures, transportation facilities, water supply, wastewater treatment, geotechnical as well as construction inspection, materials testing and surveying. Included in the curriculum are courses in the theory of structures, fluids, surveying, soils and materials testing. Students who have successfully completed the requirements for the AAS degree are eligible for transfer into the bachelor of technology program in Construction Engineering Technology or Facilities Management. Students may also continue their education toward a baccalaureate degree at other colleges.

For more information, please visit the Civil Engineering Technology – AAS page on City Tech’s website.

Associates in Architectural Technology

Architectural technology is the application of building design and construction science to solve technical issues in architecture. The associate in applied science in Architectural Technology, the only program of its kind in the CUNY system, educates students to assist the architect and perform at a high level in design, contract documents, and the construction stages of a building project. The program familiarizes students with up-to-date architectural office practices and procedures including current digital tools for design, analysis, representation, and fabrication. Studio work gives the students the opportunity to develop their talents by participating in various architectural projects from inception to final presentation.

The two-year AAS degree is offered as the first half of the four-year bachelor of technology (BTech) degree program. Students enrolled in the AAS degree in Architectural Technology may transfer directly into the Bachelor of Technology degree program at any time upon meeting the requirements or upon completion of the AAS degree. Upon completion of 64 credits, students generally have the credentials to begin a career in an architect’s or engineer’s office. This provides the flexibility of working in the field while completing the baccalaureate degree during the day or evening sessions.

For more information, please visit the Architectural Technology – AAS page on City Tech’s website.

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