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Career and Technical Education Schools offer NYC public school students engaging opportunities and critical experiences that prepare young people for entry to postsecondary education and employment.  

At City Poly, our mission is to prepare students for the world they will inherit and provide them with experiences and opportunities to help them succeed in that world. City Poly believes the following about student learning and development in career and technical education:

  • Each student should have multiple touchpoints and access to the professional world through work-based learning experiences each year.
  • Work-based learning and post-secondary college decisions are deeply connected. Students will be exposed to colleges that have successful engineering, architecture, and computer science programs.
  • Every student must be heard, not just seen, and be a part of their post-secondary plans. Through formal and informal assessments, conducted with their CTE teachers, our College, Career and Future Planning Team, and our grade guidance counselors they will articulate their passions, career goals, and dreams.
  • Student self-assessment is critical in order for students to figure out their next steps.
  • While we must prepare our students for hard and technical skills in architecture and engineering, even more important are the soft skills needed to succeed in the post-secondary world. The Top Ten Employability Skills we celebrate and help to develop are:

    1. Maintaining a personal growth mindset; needing minimal supervision to complete tasks.
    2. Maintaining focus despite internal (e.g., emotional) and/or external distractions.
    3. Adapting approaches in response to new conditions or others’ actions.
    4. Planning for Success: managing time to complete tasks on schedule.
    5. Practicing social awareness; recognizing the consequences of one’s actions.
    6. Balancing our own needs with the needs of others.
    7. Collaborating and helping team members complete tasks, as appropriate.
    8. Problem solving; Identifying alternative ideas/processes that are more effective than the ones previously used/suggested.
    9. Positive professional attitude bringing energy and enthusiasm to the work.
    10. Taking responsibility for his or her actions; not blaming others.

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