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Welcome to City Poly! 

City Poly is a truly special place. There is great joy and opportunity in being a 9-14 school and developing a rigorous curriculum that serves as the foundation of a lifelong passion for learning and self-discovery for our students. All spaces and aspects of our program are focused on teaching, learning, and building close connections with a talented staff and faculty.  

We are a community committed to seeing, knowing, and growing with each student. Our mission is to light the path for our students to see and reach their greatest potential. We seek to impact and be impacted by our students. As a learning community, we meet students where they are and offer support based on their individual needs while challenging them to go outside of their comfort zones on their journey to self-discovery.

Our core values of professionalism, resilience, involvement, the discovery of self, and empathy guide our work. We celebrate these values and use them to reflect and pivot when necessary.     

Here are some of the things that we are excited about for this school year: 

  • Our Discovery of Self Mondays for all students, with a focus on social-emotional learning, as well as college and career discovery and work-based learning 

  • Our standards-based grading policy that promotes equity and measurable learning 

  • Authentic projects that have choice and student interests and passions embedded in their design 

  • Our academic and social-emotional screeners (diagnostic assessments) which help us determine what each individual child needs 

  • Goal-Oriented Learning Development (GOLD): Our structured tutoring and enrichment program

  • Our robust afterschool offerings

  • Our growing partnerships with internship & mentoring opportunities

  • Our college and career coaching 

  • Parent Nights on Zoom, which feature topics relevant to our parents

  • Our core value and special celebrations

  • Our gifted new and additional staff 

  • Our community trips and events (once allowed) 

While we are a school that believes in and provides strong postsecondary preparation, we also believe that learning happens best in spaces where there are relationships, joy, and laughter. The young adult years should be fun and appropriately exploratory. The flip side of working hard is playing hard. After a very difficult year, we all need to fill our buckets with happiness and make memories and long-lasting connections.

On behalf of the City Poly community, I welcome you with open hearts, ears, and minds. We are ready, prepared, and able to provide an excellent education that leads our students to personal and community success. 


Principal April Mckoy

April McKoy
Proud Principal
City Polytechnic High School for Engineering, Architecture, and Technology

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