Principal’s Message for the 2020–2021 School Year

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Hello City Poly Community,

I think about what school would be if there were no pandemic. Kids would be pouring into the halls at the sound of the bell. There would be loud laughter and conversations with the occasional sound of a basketball hitting the tile.

We would have had our freshman City Escape, our cheer off, a highly contested egg race, staff-student basketball contest, and in 11th-hour week, students (and teachers) would have to be ushered out at 6:00 pm or even later.

Things are so different. So much has been lost and yet, much has been gained. We all have been pushed to learn more in the last 7 months than in the past 7 years. As we move ahead into the year, remember to be gentle with yourself and all of the people in your life that are so lucky to have you in their circle. Through it all, look how far you have come. Look at all that you have learned and conquered.

2020 is proving to be more challenging than any of us imagined. A pandemic, a contentious election year, social unrest, social distancing, and quarantine when young people want to be together more than any time in their lives. These are hard times. While this is just the tip of the iceberg with the uncertainties, I also feel optimistic. When don’t we as a community rise to the challenge? I actually can’t think of a time when this community did not pull it together to save the day when it was possible. I remind myself of the 7 Core Assumptions:

  1. The True Self in Everyone Is Good, Wise, and Powerful
  2. The World is profoundly Interconnected
  3. All Human Beings have a Deep Desire to be Good Relationships
  4. All Humans Have Gifts & Everyone Is Needed for What They Bring
  5. Everything We Need to Make Positive Change Is Already Here
  6. Human Beings are Holistic

This ride will not be what we originally thought, but we will use the wind to take us where we need to go, and use our core values when it gets hard. We have every confidence that we will get through this by supporting one another. One of City Poly’s biggest strengths is its community! We are RESILIENT. We are so fortunate to be part of such an amazing team and we are deeply thankful for you and your ongoing contributions to our school community.

I welcome you back with an open heart, ears, and mind. I welcome you back to some uncertainty and unresolved issues. I welcome you back to planning, collaboration, learning, and building.


Principal April Mckoy

April McKoy
Proud Principal
City Polytechnic High School for Engineering, Architecture, and Technology

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