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Welcome to City Poly! 

Our Mission

City Polytechnic High School is committed to a school community where each member accepts responsibility for the learning, academic achievement, and social and cultural development of all students.

Our Vision

Students and parents are empowered to take genuine ownership of academic success. This empowerment involves amplifying the voices of students and parents in various aspects of school life, including instructional methods, support systems, and daily operations. We will ensure that Each teacher, parent, and student understands the knowledge, skills, and behaviors students are expected to acquire in each course, grade level, and unit of instruction. By doing so, we aim to create an environment where students and parents not only feel welcome but also socially and emotionally supported, fostering an atmosphere conducive to academic achievement.

One of our key priorities is to celebrate, maintain, and surpass our current attendance rate, which stands at 88%, and our graduation rate, currently at an impressive 92.2%. We recognize that regular attendance and successful graduation are crucial milestones in a student's academic journey. In alignment with District Priority Area 3, we are committed to significantly improving daily attendance and reducing chronic absenteeism.

Our WHY behind these efforts lies in the understanding that students become emotionally engaged when they have a positive school experience, one that aligns with their interests and allows them to connect with the school's culture. Moreover, the engagement of parents in their children's education plays a pivotal role in their academic, social, and emotional well-being. Building strong relationships with both students and parents fosters a sense of collaboration, belonging, motivation, and ultimately, academic achievement

We implement initiatives to maximize the ECI/PTECH experience for our students, where they can earn a high school diploma, an industry-recognized associate degree, and acquire valuable work experience in a rapidly growing field. Each City Poly student has the opportunity to graduate in five years with a CTE endorsed high school regents diploma and associate's degree.
Each City Poly student is college and career ready, and also prepared to serve and improve their communities. This effort aligns with our district's commitment to increasing college course enrollment, promoting degree completion, and expanding career-connected learning opportunities.

Our WHY for this endeavor is rooted in the desire to bridge the gap between our students' aspirations for higher education and career success and the specific skills demanded by employers in high-growth industries. Through this program, our graduates emerge with the academic and professional competencies necessary to pursue further education at four-year institutions or embark on entry-level careers in fields such as IT, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing.

We will enhance math and ELA regents scores by leveraging a range of academic and social-emotional support systems, as well as fostering teacher collaboration. This effort aligns with District Priority Areas 1 and 2, which focus on improving math outcomes through a common curriculum and enhancing literacy skills through research-backed ELA curricula.

Our WHY behind this initiative is clear: increasing math and ELA regent scores is pivotal to unlocking college-ready benchmarks and opening doors to advanced high school courses. Furthermore, a strong foundation in math and ELA not only prepares students for college-level courses but also ensures they do not need to spend valuable time on remedial coursework.

We will enhance the rigor and engagement of classroom instruction. We understand that highly engaged students are more motivated and inclined to take ownership of their learning. When students are genuinely engaged, authentic learning occurs, fostering academic success in a meaningful and sustainable way. The learning of each student will be monitored on a timely basis. Strategies for improving student achievement according to individual student needs (and identified groups) are implemented on a continuing basis. Elevating the rigor and engagement of classroom instruction stands as the linchpin to improving the overall student experience.


Mrs. Rachel Hill
Proud Principal
City Polytechnic High School for Engineering, Architecture, and Technology

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